Karin drew this watercolor as an escape from the grisly experiences of bombs and death in Wiesbaden in 1944, and sent it in a Christmas letter to her uncle. That is why the drawing has survived. The University of Missouri Press used it as its cover page.

Karin Finell’s latest memoir, Broken Butterfly: My Daughter’s Struggle With Brain Injury, published by the University of Missouri Press, September 2012, will be followed by a memoir still in progress, continuing Karin’s story after arriving in America.

Karin’s previous book, Good-bye to the Mermaids: A Childhood Lost in Hitler’s Berlin, was published in 2006 also by University of Missouri Press. It conveys the horrors of war as seen through the eyes of a child. It tells of a convoluted world where children searched for truth and were torn between fear and hope.

Her stories have appeared in Mexico, a Love Story (Seal Press) and in The Way, a magazine of St. Francis, and in five volumes of the Community of Voices anthology. Articles have been published in four volumes of the German literary magazine MERIAN, and several in Pferd und Reiter. Travel articles were published in the Miami Herald and the San Diego News. Her poetry has been published in the Poetry Therapy Journal and in Cafe in Space, a literary journal dedicated to the circle of Anaïs Nin. The Santa Barbara Independent has published several of Karin’s memoir pieces and poems.

Karin taught five years of Writing your Pain: Grief and Transformation, at Adult Education at Santa Barbara City College. She arranged for a celebration for: Anaïs Nin, A Writer- A Life, at the time of Anaïs’ centenary (2003) at Santa Barbara City College Schott Center, with Janet Fitch, Paul Herron and others in attendance.