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I found Good-bye to the Mermaids to be a wonderfully detailed and moving account of a time no one wants to have experienced firsthand – but a time everyone should understand and remember. I applaud Karin Finell for working through these memories and bringing them to us.

– Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward


Finell’s absorbing, dramatic tale of growing up during the Third Reich and World War Two puts the reader in the front row. An invaluable ground-level view of history and the textured human experience of war’s insanity.

– Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander


This is an immensely appealing memoir of the child, Karin, as she takes the reader on a journey deep into the heart of war. It is a poignant story of childhood lost, of bombings, separation, hunger, betrayal, and trying to survive daily life amid chaos and tragedies. . . . I highly recommend it.

– Eleanor Ramrath Garner, author of Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany


In this memoir of a young girl’s life in wartime Germany, Karin Finell has given us an unforgettable coming-of-age portrayal unfolding within one of history’s most terrible eras. Good-bye to the Mermaids is eloquent, candid, penetrating; it is sad, very often funny; it is valiant, poetic, horrifying; it is reality in all its forms, evoked with sureness, brilliance, and depth. It is one of those rare works that remains with you long after you have put it down.

– Ella Leffland, author of Rumors of Peace


This book is one of the most moving I have read. . . . Readers will receive this book as a gift—a little girl with an indomitable soul and will leads them through a man-made hell, and comes out caring and loving. Her story rings true in every respect.

– Jurgen Herbst, author of Requiem for a German Past: A Boyhood among the Nazis


Goodbye to the Mermaids is at once horrendous and touching – wonderfully told by someone who lost her childhood to Hitler’s bombed Berlin. No matter how many World War II stories we’ve read, we’ve not read one like this till now.

– Barnaby Conrad, author of MatadorHemingway’s Spain and Last Boat to Cadiz and numerous others. Barnaby and Mary Conrad are also the founders of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, now in its 34th year.